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200 Years of HATSUMOMIDI

Over 200 years have passed since HATSUMOMIDI’s founding in 1819. With the support of many in the community, it has survived even through war, and begun to thrive in the Tokuyama area of Shunan. As a national drink of Japan, sake has been called the “chief of 100 medicines,” as a source of healthy peace of mind to Japan’s people. We here at HATSUMOMIDI are dedicated to contributing to our local community, and treasure our history even as we train and work to innovate for the future. We hold that same passion for our customers, as well. We believe that we have survived these 200 years by valuing every single day, and the connections we have built with every one of our customers and neighbors. As we move forward into the next 100 years, we will continue to create sake for every season, and continue to build our skills to do so.

Twelfth Generation Owner HARADA YASUHIRO

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