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1916 Founding  

Founder Kichisuke Enatsu begins manufacturing Honkaku Shochu in Kawahigashi, Miyakonojo, Miyazaki Prefecture under the Kawahigashi Enatsu Shoten name, the forerunner of Kirishima Shuzo.

~ 1945 Junkichi Enatsu, second generation leader ~

Junkichi Enatsu, highly respected as a blender, takes over the family business. In 1949, he reorganizes the company as Kirishima Shuzo Co., Ltd. and assumes the role of president.

~ 1986 Shibita Factory completed ~

Kirishima Shuzo leads the industry in introducing cutting-edge equipment. Today, the factory offers tours where visitors can observe the actual shochu manufacturing process, and welcomes visitor

~ 2016 100th anniversary~

In May of 2016, Kirishima Shuzo marked the 100th anniversary of the brand that made shochu a national drink. Under the corporate slogan of “spurring passion from quality,” the company continues to create and offer value, inspiration and reliability, while aiming for even greater growth.

The birth of Kenreishu ~

 \As times have changed, Kirishima Shuzo has taken on new challenges. One of these is the development and productization of a completely new category we call our Kenreishu Series, an unprecedented type of shochu that focuses on establishing health benefits through products such as Kin Kirishima, which incorporates plant worms fungi long used in traditional Eastern medicine.


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