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What is Umenoyado Brewery?

Our foundation is based on 120 years of experience.

As the monument in Shoryaku-ji Temple states “the origin of Sake”, Nara is known for a birthplace of Sake. Umenoyado was born in 1893 at the bottom of Katsuragi mountain.We have been protecting our small-quantity yet high quality local products over 120 years.We continue to create Sake with our history.

No compromising – a key to the highest quality.

The average 55% of our Sake is handmade and from high-polished rice. Even though factory automation is spreading, with our time and effort, we have been able to produce Sake that gives you such comfortable aftertaste. Rice, yeast and water – The great products from nature are transformed into one of the highest quality Sake by our craftsmen. Sake we create has been and – will be- our great pride.

Create the newness – our way of thinking.

We have been exploring the potential of Sake using what we learnt in the past. With a progression of globalization, Sake is enjoyed in various ways. We strongly believe it is essential to introduce new ways to enjoy Sake to various audiences. We would like to make people around the world fall in love with Sake. Umenoyado is stepping forward to be the brewery that create new Sake culture.

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